Price of Samsung TV in Nepal

At the point when the web was found and the master thought about its potential, they anticipated that Televisions would turn out of date following couple of long stretches of the web revelation.

However despite everything we battle for the remote with our kin to watch our most loved TV appears. In spite of the fact that the TV arrangement can be found on YouTube or on deluge site just in couple of hours, there isn’t yet a decent option in contrast to the recreations and sports, which are intended to be observed live. In such cases, having a TV is an absolute necessity. So to fulfill TV and TV demonstrates aficionados, Samsung has an awesome lineup of Televisions made accessible to the Nepali market. Furthermore, here we will talk about on all the accessible Samsung TVs accessible in Nepal. We will likewise incorporate the Samsung LED TV cost in Nepal.

Samsung SUHD TV

Mixed with the distinctive hues and encompassing splendor, Samsung’s SUHD TV adds life to the screen. With the brilliance up to 1000 nits, the substance on the screen are distinguishable even in the splendidly lit rooms. The screen is skilled to recreate hues with such an extensive amount precision that the points of interest on the darkest shadows and whitest mists can be recalled 10 times more than the typical or traditional showcase.


 Model No.  Size  Price  Resolution Warranty
55KS9000 55″ Rs 419,000 SUHD 2 Years


Samsung Curve LED TV

Bended TVs were intended to make the TV seeing knowledge more vivid. In contrast to the standard level TVs, bended TVs highlight a more extensive field of view with less mutilation. These TVs likewise have an improved complexity and shading exactness, alongside Auto Depth Enhancer.


Model No.  Size  Price  Technology Warranty
UA55M6300ARSHE 55″ Rs 224,990 Curved TV (1080p) 2 years
UA55M5500ARSHE 55″ Rs 183,990 Curved TV (1080p) 2 years
UA49M6300ARSHE 49″ Rs 161,190 Curved TV (1080p) 2 years

Samsung UHD TV

Ultra HD or at the end of the day 4k. These are the super top quality TVs with goals of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels. These TVs have one of the most astounding thickness of pixels, so on the off chance that you need fresh pictures, you could select this classification. You will require 4k substance to appreciate the full subtle elements, however.


Model No.  Size  Price  Resolution Warranty
UA65NU7100RSHE 65″ Rs 289,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA55NU7100RSHE 55″ Rs 183,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA50KU6000RSHE 50″ Rs 167,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA50MU6100RSHE 50″ Rs 167,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA49NU7100RSHE 49″ Rs 168,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA43MU6100RSHE 43″ Rs 107,990 Ultra HD 2 Years
UA43NU7100RSHE 43″ Rs 110,690 Ultra HD 2 Years


Samsung Smart LED TVs

These sorts of TVs are called smart TVs since they can be associated with the web to get to spilling media administrations and that can be utilized to run diversion applications. On-request video-rental administrations, web music stations, and web perusing are additionally simple on the Smart TVs.


Model No. Size Price Technology Warranty
UA55M5500ARSHE 55″ Rs 179,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA55M5500ARSHE 55″ Rs 179,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA49K5300ARSHE 49″ Rs 114,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA43K5300AR 43″ Rs 79,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA43M5500AR 43” Rs 79,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA32K4300AR 32” Rs 50,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years
UA32M4300ARSHE 32” Rs 50,990 FULL HD JoySmart TV 2 Years

Samsung LED TV (non-smart)

HD and Full HD TVs are probably the most utilized TVs out there. They are the ideal harmony between quality, size, and cost. On the off chance that you don’t know much about TVs, at that point HD/Full-HD TVs are your sure thing. Samsung is certainly offering the rebates on its HD/Full-HD TVs as well. Be that as it may, there is no web offer and NetTV bundles on the buy of Samsung’s HD and Full HD TVs.


Model No. Size Price Resolution
UA43M5100ARSHE 43″ Rs 76,490 Full HD
UA43K5100ARSHE 43″ Rs 76,490 Full HD
UA40M5000ARSHE 40″ Rs 66,990 Full HD
UA40K5100ARSHE 40″ Rs 66,990 Full HD
UA32M4200ARSHE 32″ Rs 44,990 HD
UA32M4100ARSHE 32″ Rs 44,990 HD
UA32M4010ARSHE 32” Rs 39,990 HD
UA32M4000ARSHE 32″ Rs 39,990 HD
UA32K4000ARSHE 32″ Rs 39,990 HD
UA32FH4003ARSHE 32″ Rs 35,390 HD
UA24H4003ARSHE 24″ Rs 23,390 HD


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